Thanh lap cong ty

You are no plans thanh lap cong ty ? Do you want to search one set Service thành lập công ty complete package Cheap? Try to them with me, me for you We will be providing full Service Company Members set good package nhất. Service Company The set of Babylon make sure the whole package as quick procedure, a Full-service with low cost ít. Customers may altogether reassuring to believe and on the whole package with Service Company The set of Babylon.


Customers procedure as set Babylon The Company at home that will be a number free service incentives Company of word such as:

1. Free Consultation for every guest of issues related to work registration The company set like:
- Advisory Group and Configuration Engineering model business function;
- Consulting The format and control the work;
- Advice for the new method the relationship the between function name manage;
- Consulting and service rights of the user that / shareholders;
- Consulting Rate and gain contribution method;
- Advisory Plan Profit sharing that service delivery and birth process;
- Consultants have interpreted the relevant content different.

2. Check, mark the method of price control s request and advise clients of every sheet of paper:
- The database's documentation requirements for supply s clients and lawyers of me that will parse them, mark the pricing method, the execute accordance with job requirements;
- Weight of case clients need a lawyer to negotiate, change with unexpected given the working face of the guest in the set of The Company, We will be me sort, make sure the participants requested true;
- We max interface for client service of refrigeration, public certificate with sheets of paper involved.

3. Babylon will be complete interface of Prime Continuous max for clients of The Company set, tool can:
- After translation service contract, Babylon process that will edit the registration documents for clients of The Company set;
- General interface up the Department of Planning and Investment and to submit registration dossiers for clients of The Company set;
- Great interface and response track record of DPI, report record results for every guest was Filed;
- General interface results receive certificate is the certificate of business registration database at MPI for clients of goods;
- Carry out the procedure Carving mark for Business;
- Carry out the procedure registered Tax Code and Customs Code for the Company.

4. Service sales for clients of:
Out of service on the incentives, after the liquidation of contracts Babylon translation service clients still continue support for a number of preferential service like:
- Consulting edit rules and mode Company;
- Providing free legal documents through case
- Free Consultation hotline: 1900 66 81
- 10% discount for the next translation service that you used;

Please Babylon to be with us for free advice and consultancy service!
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